This isn't just a wild guess.  Imagery alone can't speak for itself.  Sound is the most important element in filmmaking.  It doesn't matter how big or small a project is.  Layers of sound multiply and heighten the perception of reality.  It's neglected by most amateur videographers who think smothering videos with loud music is all it takes.  That's why their work feels cheap.  I take advantage of the impact it has in everything I do.



Man-made or forces of nature, the world around us is constantly moving.  We are used to this.  When we can't hear, something just isn't right.  When we can, everything feels normal again.


We don't smother videos with loud music and a cheap feel.  Music is inspired work that brings out another layer of emotion.  It should linger in the backdrop.  It's not meant to be the driving force behind the content.


None of us are perfect.  We don't live perfect lives and we certainly all don't sound the same.  We're tired of that perfect narrator who doesn't even sound like anybody we know in real life.  We're used to regular people who we can relate to.