legacy films


There are so many things I wish I had said...I wish I had done.
— Bill Easterling | 91 | Clio, Alabama

There isn't an exact formula for this.  Each person has a unique life experience.  Most of us go through life and take for granted the people we love and the legacy we are to leave behind.  We are all guaranteed to be somebody's special memory.  The way we live impacts who our children become...who our grandchildren become.  All of us have something we want to share.

There are no age requirements.  No status requirements.  All you need is a passion for your loved ones to know who you are and who you were.  Individuals, families, businesses...maybe you want your kids to know what life is really all about.  This is your story.  Tell it your way.

I want everybody to have an opportunity to document the outpouring of their hearts and memories.  If you feel strongly that a film can be invaluable, I want to hear what it looks like in your mind.  Together, we can take steps to achieve it, regardless of budget.



These are documentaries in their most pure form.  It's your story.  You own it completely.  My pledge is to tell it without bias.  First, I take pride in quality.  Every time somebody watches your film, I want it to make an impact.  Technicality audio should be crisp and the imagery beautiful.  A thought provoking, intentional storyline is the goal.  Comprehensively extracting the feelings of the subject to deliver what they want to pass on in a fascinating viewing experience is what we all want.

Your primary goal may be to document family history, important events, life experiences, life lessons, wisdom, advice...the list goes on.  These films may be as simple as raw interviews and simple camera set-ups in one location.  They may incorporate old photographs, film, or audio.  We may spend hours on location with our subjects at various places where our film takes on the look of a more comprehensive documentary.  Our deliverable may be 5 minutes or 2 hours.  There are few limitations.  Regardless of the depth of the journey into your loved one's life, anything your great-grandchildren can see and hear can potentially help them discover where they came from, who their descendants were, and maybe even create a lasting impression that will add value to their lives.


Whether you are the subject of the documentary, your siblings, your parents, your children...the most efficient way to make this happen is having one point of contact throughout the production process.  It is extremely important (no matter how big or small the film) that whoever commits to this task is completely dedicated to seeing it through to the end.  Once the family has chosen this person I enter into a process of gathering information on the content they wish to see, who our subjects are, what they've been through, budget/contract agreement (among others).


As chief communicator you will serve as my sole contact (think of yourself as the chief "researcher").  You will have the final say on behalf of the family in all matters.  This eliminates the fog of communication between too many parties where conflicting wishes and ideas can slow the process to a crawl and potentially cause discourse.  We want this to be an exploratory, eye-opening, honorary journey.  It's a journey of celebration and the more efficient it is, the better the experience for everybody....

You may expect your role to include the following responsibilities:

  • Diligent, detailed, prompt communication through e-mail and over the phone.
  • Proposing the idea to our subjects.  Informing them what we want to do and why.  Explaining to them why it is so important.  Gaining their blessing/consent to proceed with planning and pre-production.  Communicating all relevant timelines to them, when they need to be prepared, and how they can help us.
  • Curating all relevant documents, research, and media (photographs, articles, film/video, etc...). All media should be digitized (including film).  Every file should cite the original date, who appears in the image, location, occasion, a story to accompany them if applicable.
  • Working with myself and our subjects to schedule shoot dates, interview locations, content locations.  Acquiring permission/permits to any locations where applicable.  Making me aware of any changes in timeline or location in a timely manner.
  • Working with myself to create a desired outline of any thought provoking questions, questions that lead into and grow a desired story we would like to extract from our subjects, listening and making notes that can be used in editing.  Making sure everything desired is asked and covered in the interview and content.
  • Reviewing rough cuts, requests to amend content, include/omit content, feedback on storyline, etc...
  • Approving final deliverables and overseeing budget balance.
  • Responsibility to safeguard, protect, back-up, and administer final deliverables through hard copy and cloud storage to your family.


You can expect deliverables to possibly come in multiple forms.  Likely you will receive a 1080p master file as well as a 4K master file of the edited documentary.  You will also receive ALL interview footage (with mastered audio), in an uncut form exactly how it was recorded for your family archives.  I will physically mail an external hard drive with all content that you will need to safeguard and back-up to protect your legacy investment.  I will retain all content and master files on hard drives and in cloud storage for an agreed upon duration, but it is the client's responsibility to ensure that the content is protected for the long term.  Upon your approval, I can also host the master films to be viewed online in a private or public link that you can then administer.